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Why do you have to be insured?

It is mandatory for all foreigners, who are not covered by the Czech public medical insurance and who are not EU citizens, to get the insurance and it is also a precondition to get the Czech visa and to extend the stay in the Czech Republic.

The insurance is recognized by the Czech Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, department of asylum and migration policy, as a document in the sense of Section (§) 180i and Section (§) 180j of the Act No. 326/1999 Coll. on the residency of foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic, as amended.

The continual assistance service is provided by GLOBAL Assistance: +420 222 518 100.

Indemnity limits

Tarif WelcomeBabyKomplexPlusStandardDítě+
Comprehensive health insurance{check}{check}--{check}
Total maximum limit80 000 EUR80 000 EUR80 000 EUR60 000 EUR80 000 EUR
Medical transport80 000 EUR80 000 EUR80 000 EUR60 000 EUR80 000 EUR
Repatriation of remains80 000 EUR80 000 EUR80 000 EUR60 000 EUR80 000 EUR
Dental care in case of injury6 000 Kč6 000 Kč6 000 Kč6 000 Kč6 000 Kč
Other dental care6 000 Kč6 000 Kč6 000 Kč-6 000 Kč
Outpatient prescription medication{check}{check}{check}-{check}
Pregnancy care and delivery{check}{check}*-**--
Newborn care300 000 Kč----
Assistance services{check}{check}{check}{check}***{check}
Preventive care{check}****{check}****--{check}*****
Dispensary care{check}{check}--{check}

* this does not apply for cases of acute threat to life
** pregnancy and delivery coverage shall be subject to waiting times of 3 and 8 months respectively

Documents for medical insurance for foreigners Welcome

New general terms and conditions will be availabe soon.

General Terms and Conditions of Health Insurance for Foreigners 1.9.2017 - 30.11.2018

General Terms and Conditions of Personal Liability Insurance 1.9.2017 - 30.11.2018

Insurance product information document

List of cooperating medical facilities